Brush for watchOS

Time your toothbrushing.
The easy way.

Brush is an Apple Watch app that helps you time your toothbrushing sessions and saves them inside the Health app.

Stay insightful & private with the power of the Health app.

With all data stored and synchronized in Apple's own HealthKit, everything stays private, yet your phone will give you all the insides.

No excuses,
it's on your wrist.

By being a watchOS app, you will always have it with you when you start brushing. You only have to start it.

Start a streak.
Make your dentist proud.

Brush shows you how many good sessions in a row you've got going on. So next time you go to the dentist, you can show it off.

Know precisely when you're right.

Brush will provide a helpful subtle haptic feedback as soon as you've hit the 2-minute mark.